• Tyla


    Hey guys! I'm Tyla! I am currently the Stream lead of Dare Rising !! I'm a 22 year old girl from a small town in Indiana. I am a Twitch Streamer & I've been with Dare Rising since June 17,2017! I am currently personally partnered with Electronic Gamers League , Gamer Supps & AZIO!! If you're still reading this, I just want to say that I love Dare Rising because it's not just an amazing organization, but it's a really really close family. It makes me so proud to be a part of this such amazing organization!! On stream I am currently playing a lot of Fortnite, PUBG, & CS:GO !! If you enjoy these games I hope to see you in one of my streams soon! :)...Read More

  • idealplay

    Dillon Watkins

    I am 19 years old from Ohio in the United States. I have been playing video games for 12 years, and started up a youtube channel in 2011. I started posted videos in 2013 when GTA V came out and have accumulated 145,000+ Subscribers! I also love streaming on! I love traveling, and have been to many states growing up playing baseball. Hopefully you will see me around at future gaming events, and if you do say hi!...Read More

  • Dare Acid

    Jessie Virdi

    19- Hi my name is Jessiefm i own a pizza shop. Gaming is my hobby. If im not workin then im gaming my fun thing to do....Read More

  • vjiynx


    21 year old nerd that loves gaming and entertaining ;D Gaming is my passion i love what i do. Streaming has become such a huge part of my life and hopefully someday it can turn into something more :) This is my hobby and i love it! ...Read More

  • Dare Hopein8er


    20 Year Old Streamer. I love to motivate and inspire others....Read More

  • Nspire

    Matt Richards

    Hello everyone, I'm Nspire! I'm 22, and I've been playing video games since i was 7 years old. Currently my main games are call of duty and fortnite. i love to upload videos to youtube and also stream on twitch, Hope to see you in my chat soon!...Read More

  • aircool


    MOVEMENT IS REAL...Read More

  • jewishlewish

    ...Read More

  • modgy


    ...Read More

  • SixR


    20-year-old streamer/player for Dare. We on that everyday grind it's lit! ...Read More

  • DareNate

    Nate Boese

    im 20 years old born in texas raised in florida and i game a lot ...Read More

  • oMattify

    Matthew Bell

    Hey my name is Matt, I have been streaming since 2014. Interacting with my viewers is my #1 priority. Entertainment is what I am here to give you! In my spare time I go fishing. Also I work Monday through Friday for a construction company. I stream mostly everyday! I hope i see you in the streams!...Read More

  • akastxrm

    Dawson Brack

    ...Read More

  • Dare Bazerk

    Makane Snyder

    Fortnite Player for DareRising...Read More