Dare Rising enters H1Z1!

Sun 23rd Apr 2017 - 8:10pm General Gaming

Today, we are happy to announce the welcoming of our official H1Z1 Roster, Wo1fy3k, Lynx, Jessemus, Frvnkie and CLASSIC. We are hoping for a great and promising future with this roster and hope the very best for them as they represent the organization moving forward. With a set roster, the team is looking to take the H1Z1 community by storm.

Player Frvnkie stated, “I’m proud to say I’m a professional H1Z1 player for Dare Rising. I’m very proud of myself because I know that those sleepless nights and countless hours weren't for nothing. I have over 2,000 hours on this game and it will only continue to get higher. My team and I will dominate and only get better under Dare Rising and I couldn't be happier to be under such a well built organization.”

Co-Owner Cortez said, “We are super happy to bring the team on board and officially announce them, this has been a long time in the works and after watching the broadcast of Fight For the Crown, now is better than ever to announce the team. The team is very passionate about what they do and they want to represent Dare to the fullest. I’m looking forward to the future.”

Wo1fy3k: http://twitter.com/Wo1fy3k
Lynxx: http://twitter.com/DareLynxx
Classic: http://twitter.com/Dare_Classic
Jessemus: http://twitter.com/DareJessemus
Frvnkie: http://twitter.com/DareFrvnkie

With a set roster and determination, the team is ready to compete. Thank you to all the fans and our sponsors for making this possible.